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DIY Homeowner Hires Pro For Window Replacement


            When I purchased my house I knew the first thing that I would have to do was to either fix or replace four broken and boarded up windows at the front of the house. I also knew that I would eventually have to tackle the bigger job of replacing the remaining twenty three windows in the entire house.  

            Always priding myself on being a do-it-yourselfer, I tried my hand at doing the original window repairs and replacements. Struggling through the project I realized windows were not my forte. So when it was time to finally replace all of my original drafty wooden single pane windows with new triple pane higher efficiency windows I went looking for a reputable contractor to do the job.

            I hired a contractor who specialized in window replacements and siding based on the favorable recommendations of a few friends.  When I met with the contractor to get an estimate I was surprised to find so many different options available in replacement windows.  I had assumed that I would be replacing window for window but my contractor explained that I could install double slider windows, especially on the porch, where I would be replacing three windows with one large double slider. By going with the slider option I was replacing 23 windows with 13, saving an overall cost of $1,800 and giving my home a new and different look. The overall cost of the window project was $6,700 and included the cost of the windows, labor, cleanup, and new aluminum window trim.

            The terms of our contract required that I give them half of the money down to order the windows with the balance to be paid off when the work was complete. Once the windows were ordered it took three weeks for them to arrive. The installation, which was supposed to take three days, actually took a week due to unforeseen problems with my house.  As it turns out the old kitchen window was never installed correctly so they had to add a proper header and restructure the space for the new double slider window. Also, when they tried to install the two slider windows on the left side of the front porch they found that the whole structure of the porch was off level by eight inches and they had to carefully jack up and add support under the whole left corner.

            With the front porch done and looking very different I had one last thing to add to the project – a new front door.  Given the fact the job was taking longer than estimated, there was no problem changing out the old and drafty storm door for a much nicer looking and energy efficient steel security door.  Adding five hundred dollars to my total bill, it was well worth the expense in the long run.

            If you are looking to replace the windows in your house, be sure to investigate any contractors before you hire them, know what options will be best for you, and always be ready for unexpected problems.