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Being adopted is an important social issue which touches my being to the core.  For those of you who are also interested in adoption and adoption reform I share these websites.


Adoption and Genealogy:

Adoption & Genealogy at first glance seem to be a matter of oil and water. But they don't have to be.  Check out my recent article published on Yahoo! at the link below:



Every adoptee has a hidden past that is worth discovering. Ancestry.com is a wonderful place to start finding your lost past. With each new leaf you come closer to finding the truth to your past.

Now there is a new reason to join Ancestry.com - genetic genealogy!  With reasonable rates for DNA testing you can help expand your family tree in ways that were never before thought possible - using leaf hints for how you match other DNA relatives based on your common ancestors.

DNA Testing, Genealogy & Adoption Searches

 Have you ever considered DNA testing? Testing your DNA can help make progress with your genealogy search by helping to find new clues, surnames, and new people who can help you further your quest to finding your biological family and expanding your family tree. With the reduced fees - most sites charge just $99 to test your DNA - it is a great tool for your search. Check out these sites to get started:





Other sites worth visiting:

If you are an adoptee and trying to find your biological family I recommend visiting Troy the Locator at the following link:


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