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There are many issues that effect the daily lives of adult adoptees nationwide in the United States. This page will be my attempt to explore some of those issues.

The Adoptees Family Tree


            Genealogy is a wonderful hobby.  Discovering the truth about your past, about your family, about yourself.  Unless you are adopted. Then finding the truth about yourself, let alone the family you came from, is a daunting endeavor which is shrouded in secrecy; secrecy that is protected by law in the form of closed adoption records... read more


New York State Adoptees Bill of Rights


            I, like so many of my fellow adoptees who live in New York State, have been seeking reform to the way New York State handles all closed adoptions, permanently sealing adoption records and denying adoptees vital information to their past.  read more...


Paying for the Sins of Georgia Tann


            Birth certificates. We all have one. But have you ever really looked closely at the information that is written on it? Is all of the information on it correct and complete?  Are all of the appropriate boxes checked with the correct information? How do you know? read more...