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    It's 1978, the year of three Popes, and Cardinal Joshua Argus has his eye on the ultimate prize of becoming the next Pope at any cost. To achieve his goal he must do two things: make sure there is a vacancy for the position he wants and to clean up his past to avoid a scandalous ascension to the papacy.

    On his trail is a young rookie detective for the Syracuse Police Department named Kathryn Krol. Kathryn is partnered with a seasoned veteran detective named Angelo Marcello. Weary of having a female partner Angelo reluctantly shows her the ropes of being a detective. When she shares with him a recurring dream of a nun being murdered crucifixion style he starts to seriously doubt if she is cut out to be a detective. That is until they are assigned a murder case that matches her dream in every detail.

   As the dreams and murders continue the detectives are visited by a very persistent reporter named Krystyn Hanson. Krystyn, who unknowingly shares the same dream of the murders as Kathryn, tries to solve the murders by looking for clues while reporting the story for a Rochester newspaper. But when Krystyn barges in on the Syracuse Detective Squad, who has been ignoring her phone calls, she gets more than she bargained for when she meets her identical twin Kathryn. Forced to face a past that she had so desperately tried to bury, she reluctantly joins forces with Kathryn to find their biological mother knowing that she will be one of the next victims in their murder investigations.

    But can they all work together to not only find their mother but solve the case and foil the Cardinal’s plans?